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December 2011

Maya Sheridan-Martinez's Choreography Casting and Concepts for Underbelly Razor

Check out Maya's fab pieces on Underbelly Razor. Maya was originally pulled in to cast and choreograph one piece but they were so impressed they ended up commisioning 6 pieces! - including 2 featuring Jessica Mauboy and our very own Heloise. P.S (see if you can spot Maya's cameo appearance :-))

101 Xmas Party! from 6.30pm Sun 18th Dec - Kongs Lounge 110 Spring St Bondi Junction - FREE ENTRY!! bring your friends and get down.

101 Xmas Party! from 6.30pm Sun 18th Dec - Kongs Lounge Spring St Bondi Junction

November 2011

Underbelly Razor- The Final Episode

Make sure you tune into Channel 9 this Sunday night, for the Season's final episode of Underbelly Razor and check out what we've been up to. Maya scored the Choreography job for 6 club dance pieces on the show, creating pieces for the main cast as well as casting dancers and developing creative concepts with the producers for the introduction of Tilly's 50/50 club. You'll see everything from burlesque to cabaret, tango-inspired razor duos and all the pieces with Jessica Mauboy . Check out the dancers, featuring our very own Heloise and look out for these dances, available as workshops in the next coming weeks at the studio.

October 2011

101 L'Afrique Fires Up The Forum

101 L'Afrique had overwhelming success at our recent season at The Forum and The Fringe Festival have been very enthusiastic with our inclusion this year. We have had expressions of interest from big bookers and agencies and wanted to say thankyou for all your support in coming to see the show and spreading the love.

It was hugely exciting to come off the stage and into the audience to be met by all of your warm smiling faces we truly are so thankful. We were lucky enough to have some great photographers present and over the next coming weeks will share these with you. This shot features Josephine Baker from 101 L'Afrique taken by the amazing Richard Swann. Check out this link to view the entire album at: Swann Photographics.

101 L'Afrique at Sydney Fringe Festival! Final Show!

Date: Saturday 1st October: 8.30PM 2011 - (Photo by Mark Sherborne for Everguide)

Venue: The Forum (Italian Cultural Centre) 21-23 Norton St Leicchardt Sydney Australia

From the streets of Harlem circa 1920, through smokey Parisian nightclubs and into the vintage fusion of 70's afro-beat, L'Afrique 101 is a true dance celebration. An all star cast of highly talented dancers, singers, and musicians collide in a high energy snap shot of the rich and colourful Afro-dance history.

Travel back in time on an excursion through smoky Parisian nightclubs with kooky chanteuse Josephine Baker, across 20’s and 30’s uptown Harlem, and in and out of the backstreets of 40’s and 50’s jazz cabaret with Gene Kelly.

Fast forward and trek through the vintage fusion of 70's Afro-beat with outlandish wild costumes and psychedelic rhythms that capture the music, electrifying showmanship and pizzazz, of the likes of Fela Kuti. Narrated and singing by Pat Powell. Cast- Maya Sheridan-Martinez, Patrick Lartey, John Beaumont, Ozlem Degerli, Samuel Gyimah, Hideo Shinokubo and Simeon John as "FELA". Percussionists- Grant Naylor and Julian Bel-Bachir.

Sydney's Dance Studio 101 premiered it's electrifying and dazzling journey through 20th Century African dance for the 2011 Sydney Fringe Festival. Last show this Sat Oct 1st at 8.30pm. Get your tickets quick...! .

Ticket Prices- Adult: $27.50 Concession: $24.50

Click here to book your tickets now!

Click here to view our event page at The Sydney Fringe website.

Click here to check out Rosano's interview at The Sydney Fringe website.

Click here to check out Everguide's fantastic shots of the Sat 10 Sep performance!


New Class

Zumba with Heloise

Wednesdays 5.45pm sharp. Starts Wed 28th September.

*Special price if you stay for Jamaican Dancehall after at 6.30pm

September 2011

101 L"Afrique at Sydney Fringe Festival!

Dates: Friday 9th Sep: 8.30PM, Saturday 10th Sep: 8.45PM, Saturday 1st Oct: 8.30PM 2011

Venue: The Forum (Italian Cultural Centre) 21-23 Norton St Leicchardt Sydney Australia

101 L’Afrique explodes in an Afro clusterbomb of Sydney’s hottest dancers and percussionists fusing contemporary dance moves on a journey of leaps and bounds through the finest 20th Century African influenced dance styles across a colourful soundscape of afro and latin-inspired percussive beats and vocals.

Travel back in time on an excursion through smoky Parisian nightclubs with kooky chanteuse Josephine Baker, across 20’s and 30’s uptown Harlem, and in and out of the backstreets of 40’s and 50’s jazz cabaret with Gene Kelly. Fast forward and trek through the vintage fusion of 70's Afro-beat with outlandish wild costumes and psychedelic rhythms that capture the music, electrifying showmanship and pizzazz, of the likes of Fela Kuti.

The all star cast feature in a repertoire of energetic and diverse dance systems. From West Africa and Senegal to the haunting expression of Negro Spiritual and modern Afro-Contemporary (a la Alvin Ailey’s New York Gospel styles), the captivating fast footwork and toe-tapping Harlem Shuffle, action packed African Gumboot dance and body percussion, and a splash of Disco and Popping and Locking to boot!

Come celebrate parts of the rich Afro-Latin culture through exquisite costumes, movement and sound.

With its high energy, fast moving and very physical dynamic mix of bodies, percussion and live vocals, abstract ideas are performed with humour and theatrical flair as 101 L’Afrique delivers a collection of snapshots; a memorable living album of 20th Century African dance genres.

Dance Studio 101’s collective of dancers and choreographers are highly respected as individuals in their fields. Regularly performing and creating across diverse mediums - recently appearing, casting, and choreographing nightclub scenes featuring Jessica Mauboy in the ratings hit, Underbelly: Razor.

The 101 ensemble light up the stage, and in this tribute to the African diaspora and it’s global impact on popular culture, they deliver an uplifting and entertaining testament to its timeless allure and pulsating irrepressible heartbeat.

As it continues its journey across the seas, be seduced by the rhythm.

Ticket Prices- Adult: $27.50 Concession: $24.50

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Click here to view our event page at The Sydney Fringe website.

Click here to check out Rosano's interview at The Sydney Fringe website.

June 2011

Sydney Cuban Salsa Congress

Date: 1st - 3rd July 2011

Venue: The Petersham Town Hall Sydney Australia

Move & be moved .. Soak up the Spirit of Cuba! Developed by Sky and Santino, they bring to you 3 Nights & 2 Days of: Cuban Dance Parties with Live Bands & Latin Djs, Professional Cuban Artists, World Class Performances, Showcase by National Dance Schools, Dance Workshops for Beginners to Advanced dancers, Latin Dance Merchandise Latin Food & Drink

The Cuban Congress will bring together professional national and international Cuban Artists as well Cuban Dance Schools from all over Australia to create the most anticipated Latin event in Australia. Featuring Leysis Smith, Sky Blue - Picante Latin Dance, Aloy Junco Bell - y Dance Academy, Christina Monneron - Kulturithmik, Oliver Pineda - Latin Motion, Emily & Julio - La Bomba, Manuel & Florencia - Candela Cuban Dance, Akshar & Maxine - DaMe, Gene & Tania - DaMe, Adrian Medina, Israel & May - Cuban Dance Academy, Mauricio Hernández - Ruedisima Latin Dance Co, Gustavo Cereijo - Chukale, Santino & Michiko, Mama & Papa P - Salsa on the Awa

Check out the website for full details including artist biographies, participating schools, sponsors, bands & djs as well as workshop timetable and weekend program.

Email for further information Phone Santino: (+61)0420 697 571 or Sky: (+61) 0413 146 889

May 2011


Friday June 10th kick off at 10pm till Late

Riddimshun Facebook page

Trinidad meets Jamaica

Sat June 12th kick off at 9.00pm Cost $15

Wednesdays 4.15pm-5.00pm Starts Wed 9th Feb ends April 7th Cost $125

Click here for link

Wine competition Trini vs Jamaican Gyal


Venue: Opera Theatre Dates: 7 - 19 June Duration: 120 minutes, including interval Book Online Now!

Click here for link

From the heart of Cuba, to four sell-out seasons in London and a world-wide tour, the international sizzler Havana Rakatan finally comes to Sydney. Sensual rumba, to sizzling salsa and the slick footwork of the cha cha cha, the intoxicating rhythms will take you on a captivating journey through a truly unique country. Set to live music courtesy of Son band Turquino, the authentic heart and soul of Cuba comes alive on stage - featuring authentic African beats to popular tunes including the famous Chan Chan (signature song of the Buena Vista Social Club).

THE DANCERS Under the direction of Choreographer Nilda Guerra, Ballet Rakatan is regarded as one of Cuba’s best exports. The company’s 2006 performances at the Edinburgh Festival were awarded the Five Stars Award, and were described as the most talked-about and press-covered company at the Festival. Since, they’ve performed to packed houses all over Europe, Japan and the UK, including a sell-out five week run in London’s West End. Most of the dancers are graduates of the renownedEscuela Nacional de Arte de la Habana, combining contemporary dance training with every aspect of Cuban dance and Latin styles; including Classic, Folklore, Popular, Salsa and Flamenco.

Audition for dancers!!!

Sun June 26th 1.00pm sharp

Wednesdays 4.15pm-5.00pm Starts Wed 9th Feb ends April 7th Cost $125

dancers required for unique shows around Sydney - Afro, Gumboot, Dancehall Reggae, Samba and more! We are holding an auditions for versatile dancers. We are offering training in the following styles - dancehall, afro, samba and more! Dancers need not be previously experienced in these styles but you do need the willingness & dedication to learn.

We do numerous large corporate & private events all across Sydney and are set to grow! Gigs are paid however rehearsals will not be. Selected applicants will be emailed location of audition and details. Pls send head shots and bio to and you will be notified re the FULL audition details

May 2011

Gamarada- Fundraiser

Organic Paradise will be hosting a common-unity fundraising event and silent auction on this Friday May 6, 2011 4pm -12pm, entertainment, good Organic Food at the Bondi Pavilion. Organic Paradise provides organic products and help to individuals in the community.

All funds raised from this event will be used to support Organic Paradise's work in our local community by helping pay the $183,000.00 fine, so they can continue sharing their gifts with the local community.

Tale of Helpful Pete Once upon a time, trust and unity prevailed, mutual support and natural abundance were the way of the land. Helpful Pete was part of a group that liked to provide access to healthy and fresh produce so the community could thrive. Then laws were introduced to regulate and people began to relate differently. Helpful Pete was fined $183,000.00 for selling milk directly from a cow. [Pete doesnt drink milk] Pete's community decided to support him by raising money to pay his fine. Now is our opportunity to show appreciation for Pete and help him by gathering money to pay off this fine. If you like what Pete does, please help in what ways you feel called to. Let's remember what it feels like to live in common-unity. Performances and dance classes by Dance Studio 101

La Historia De Madame Tango

A show where Argentine Tango meets Ballet, Circus and Burlesque.

3 Acts- 3 Courses- 3 Crimes of passion

'They call me a woman without a heart, But tango will one day have it's way with you too. Catch you,twist you and use you for his pleasure I will begin at the beginning.....' INFO: Dinner & show $70 Show only $30 Show starts at 7.30pm Book at (What's On)

March 2011

New Class! Hip Hop with Hernan Yoia

Hip Hop with Hernan Yoia Wednesday nights 6.30pm-7.30pm.

Learn to express yourself through music and dance, using the dynamic dance style of Hip Hop. Increase your stamina and strength as you break a sweat while busting a move to a fusion of Old School, Dancehall and Latin Hip Hop.

You will have the chance to improve your ability to learn choreography and apply the moves to any beat and song choice. This class will help you to develop and create your own style, while keeping things light and fun. All levels are encouraged to join. This New class starts tonight and you will enjoy Hernan's eclectic musicality as not only is he a dancer but also an accomplished vocalist and musician.

New Class! Afro Cuban Modern Dance with Eduardo Salas

New Class! Afro Cuban Modern Dance with Eduardo Salas. Monday Nights 8.30pm-10.00pm

For dancers who love this style and other forms of black dance and want to learn from our International guest instructor from Cuba. Technique, beauty and Strength. Come and learn the basic movements of the Cuban school of modern dance, these exercises will not only stretch and tone your muscles but give you a great strength and technique which can aid you in all areas of dance.

As afro dance and culture is a part of everyday life in Cuba it has made its way into the Cuban modern dance technique giving it a deeper level of strength, movement and feeling than many forms of modern and contemporary dance. Contemporary (afro Cuban) is a technique class blending Afro-caribbean dance with classical ballet to give you the Cuban blend of Modern American dance theatre as seen in the likes of the famed Alvin Ailey Dance Co. Mixing strong lines, suspensions jumps and rapid upper-body torso undulations, to get you understanding the power and dynamics of the body. Eduardo Salas Borrero is the principal dancer of Teatro de la Danza del Caribe in Santiago de Cuba. With over 15 years of experience and training he has toured extensively through Europe and the Caribbean performing and teaching.

Jamaican Dancehall with Heloise

She's BACK!!!! Heloise is back with the Real Jamaican Dancehall !!

Thursdays 6.00pm-7.00pm

Check out the link at some of her past classes here.

Studio 101 Dancers for Bonds

Bonds looking for "Real" women

Melbourne Wed 16.03.11 - Studio 101 dancers were cast for the Bonds launch across Sydney's talent agencies performing with Sarah Murdoch in Melbourne city last Wednesday.

The amazing Paige Walker-Carlton and Fiona Malone were chosen alongside Shay Stafford, Caroline Mooney, Sophie Moffitt, Amani Faiz etc. Check out the stunning pics (and the looks of amazement from the crowd). Choreographed by the ever graceful and stunning Miss Ame D' of our favourite peeps.

About Face

Check out our pics from About Face the Asian-Australian Variety show we did at the Belvoir St with Performance 4A, produced by Annette Shun Wah. We made lots of new friends and our very own Suara Indonesia pretty much stole the show. Starring, Les Gock, Lena Cruz, Paul Cordeiro, Maya Sheridan- Martinez, Alfira & Murtala and the rest of the Suara gang (Josh, Tata & Suzy) with Jennifer Wong and Oliver Phommavanh and their stand up routines kept everyone in stitches.

William Yang's show East West stories also ran before was very moving and in his genre. East West was six storytellers all from Asian backgrounds told us, in two parts, stories from their lives, of their lives, accompanied with slides of family personas and events. The work presented were authentically heartfelt expressions of the life journeys of these East/West citizens.

The unique cultural histories and customs of the ‘East’ and the way they have impacted on their lives and consequent behaviours, the graphic and emotionally honest revelations about the difficulties and triumphs of working through the obstacles of living in the ‘West’ as a vibrant part of contemporary Australia as Asians were told with the bright power of truth throwing a light of helpful exposure, to bring comprehension and, sometimes a state of wonder, to the mostly western listeners, sometimes painfully revealed, but beautifully and modestly offered and cumulatively was truly revelatory and life enhancing.

The depth of the prepared exposures in the story telling were breathtaking in their courage and is what made the night extraordinary. Much credit to the performers and the guidance of William Yang. Annette Shun Wah also participated as a Director. Watch out for more of Suara Indonesia Dance coming up on the brand new season of Australia's Got Talent- these guys are doing great guns!

Paul Cordeiro presents Arthaus Lounge Shaken & Stirred

Paul Cordeiro presents Arthaus Lounge Shaken & Stirred

Parramatta Riverside Theatre Saturday, March 12. Tickets $30/$25 concession

An evening of inspired live music, dance and cabaret. Blast off with Bollywood Fire, Tango de Fausto, Contemporary Dance Bash, Ben Palumbo Ensemble, Cabaret duo Jazmin Baret & Mounsieur P and the legendary DJ A.S.K.

February 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New year and welcome to our new look website. We hope you had a good break and your body, mind and soul are well rested!!

We are back with classes and have some great new things happening at the studio! (check the workshop page here).

Also to celebrate our 2 year anniversary, in the next coming weeks we will host:

A week of free classes as our gift to you!

So watch this space, or click here if you would like us to inform you of the dates.

We're looking forward to a big exciting year and can't wait to see you all soon at 101.

Maya Sheridan - Martinez xxx


Studio 101 Dancers on the loose...

Studio 101 Dancers have been busy about town over the holiday period...

Last fortnight they danced on stage with cult UK band Shpongle at their epic performance at the Enmore Theatre. The show was amazing and vibe intense! Playing all of their hits, including Star Shpongled Banner - with Raja Ram killing it up front of stage as always.

Australia day saw them rock tha house at supercool restaurant Longrain, for their delayed Xmas Party. Sergio and his boys did an 80's Hip Hop Electric Boogaloo show and after gave a class for the party revellers... it went off!! Check out what owner Nikki had to say below...

"The smiles of pure delight spoke louder than words as guests of the Longrain Sydney Xmas party were entertained by a fine selection of dancers from 101. The performance got even better as partygoers were encouraged to bust their own moves under the direction of these party professionals. They truly made our night! "
Nikki Christie (Owner - Longrain restaurant)

COOLie Asian-Australian Performance Festival

Check out this up-coming performance we are involved in: COOLie, a performance festival running with Sydney’s Chinese New Year Festival. I’ll be part of a variety type cabaret show called About Face, a mix of dance, comedy, music and surprises. About Face will be happening on Wed-Sat during the first two weeks of February, 2-5th and 9-12th. You can buy tickets and get more info about the other two shows, Stories East/West and Meeting in Moree at the Belvoir Street Theatre website. We are in the final stages of our rehearsals and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Hopefully we'll see you there!

COOLie comprises three shows. MEETING IN MOREE – Chinese-Australia meets indigenous Australia when photographer/performer William Yang meets with indigenous elder and researcher Noeline Briggs-Smith. STORIES EAST & WEST– six storytellers link past and present, Asia and Australia, family and personal aspiration. Directed by William Yang & Annette Shun Wah. ABOUT FACE – a variety show to turn expectations 180 degrees. From mini-skirted vixens to big pants percussion, searing torch songs to a genuine 70s guitar hero. With Les Gock, Paul Cordeiro, Lena Cruz, Maya Sheridan- Martinez, Oliver Phommavanh, Jennifer Wong and Suara Indonesia Dance (Alfira & Murtala). For more info - click here.

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Picture Perfect

Fiona Malone's much anticipated show at Riverside Theatres

Starring our very own Vittoria Lasorella. To check out her upcoming workshops at Studio 101, click here.

The Powerhouse Museum - 80's Are Back Exhibition

Due to popular demand, The "80's a are back" exhibition at the Powerhouse (parts collated by Rosano) has been extended 6 months past it's original closing date. With such popularity and nostalgia for the period it's been a huge success and if you haven't been down there yet you must check it out.

80's are BACK! Check out Rosano's interview for the Powerhouse Museum. Hear about the history of the early 80's street scene and take a look at some of his personal contribution including photos, video footage, ghetto blasters and some of your favourite record covers from the walls of 101...on loan for 18 months ! To check out what Rosano's got to say on the Powerhouse interview, click on THE 80's ARE BACK link here.

Maya, Rosano and Legendary Hip Hop D.J. A$K at the 80's Are Back Launch Party

Dance Studio 101 Personalised 10 Class Gift Certificates Now Available!

Give someone special the gift of the groove! With a personalised message from you, they'll be celebrating their memorable occasion in leaps and bounds! Find out more...