Dance Studio 101 Current Dance Class and Dance Styles Descriptions


Class Term Starts Tue 7th Feb

Dancehall 101 with Maya

Tuesdays 6.30pm-7.30pm.

Dancehall 101 with Maya

Maya's Dancehall class is  guaranteed to stir your spirit  and leave you craving for more. With steps  hailing from the afro- jamaican vernacular,  you will learn a  combination of  authentic steps from old, mid and new school and body isolations to improve  strength, posture and control.  A comprehensive class; ending with a  routine each week, where you are able  to express the feeling of the songs through movement, let yourself go, wine up  yuh waist and have a  good sweat. This  class is electrifying  fusing intoxicating  riddims, a high-energy  cardio workout and  dancing with feeling.

This is a 9wk Term. Casual drop ins welcome. Cost 20 per class or special 9wk discount term price 150. Registration essential. For bookings Click here to register now! , or call 0402 448 006

Location: ABORIGINAL DANCE THEATRE 88 Renwick Street Redfern

Thursday 28th April


Thursday Night 7.30pm-8.30pm The World Bar Bayswater Rd Kings Cross


Workshops Friday 29th April

Alexx Mubanga


Alexx Mubanga

Cost 20 per class. Registration essential. For bookings Click here to register now! , or call 0402 448 006


Thursday Nights 7.30pm-8.30pm The World Bar Bayswater Rd Kings Cross

AFRO FUNK FUSION Thursday Nights 7.30pm-8.30pm The World Bar Bayswater Rd Kings Cross

Building on the rich forms of traditional African dance, Afro Funk pays homage to the roots of underground club culture. Weaving a soundtrack of Ragga, Dancehall, Afrobeat, Soca, Tropical, Afro House Grooves, Hip Hop and Funk, this class explores a unique blend of dance styles and it's impact on today's most popular music and performance genres. This class will take you through the paces, exploring melodic embodiment and polyrhythm through percussive steps; releasing your individual expression with moves you can bring to any dancefloor.

You are able to redeem a complimentary glass of bubbly on your way out at Mansion Lane Funk and stay for some of Sydney's Best Selectors; Mike Who, Paris Groovescooter, Mansion Lane DJ's, Shantan Wantan Ichiban, LUEN and more in the Bar downstairs...

Registration is essential as the classes will be held at our intimate boutique space at the World Bar and numbers are limited!!

Cost 17.. Registration essential. For bookings Click here to register now! , or call 0402 448 006


Dancehall SWAGGA

Tuesday Nights 6.30pm-7.30pm ABORIGINAL DANCE THEATRE 88 Renwick Street Redfern

Dancehall SWAGGA Tuesday Nights 6.30pm-7.30pm ABORIGINAL DANCE THEATRE 88 Renwick Street Redfern

Maya's Dancehall class is guaranteed to stir your spirit and leave you craving for more. With steps hailing from the afro- jamaican vernacular, you will learn a combination of authentic steps and body isolations to improve strength, posture and control. Each class will end with a routine where you are able to express the feeling of the songs through movement, let yourself go, wine up yuh waist and have a good sweat. This class is electrifying fusing intoxicating riddims, a high-energy cardio workout and dancing with feeling.

This is a 9wk Term. Casual drop ins welcome. Cost 20 per class or special 9wk discount term price 153. Registration essential. For bookings Click here to register now! , or call 0402 448 006


Check back for more styles and classes. Feel free to call 0402 448 006 or email with any enquiries. All adult classes are run on a casual drop in basis. No need to book just come along 5 minutes before class except courses and master classes.

Children and Youth classes are run in the school term. Students must enrol and pay term fees.The first lesson can be a casual payment before committing to the class.


If you would like private one on one tuition in any dance style please feel free to contact us . We also offer private specialised classes for Hen's Nights, Wedding dance rehearsals and Corporate team building classes etc.

All classes are held by the best industry professional dance teachers and choreographers.



Bollywood is the high-energy dance form which is unique to the Bollywood film industry. This class blends jazz technique with modern hip-hop, the things you see in today’s best music videos and on the hottest concert tours. This course will specialise in Urban contemporary Bollywood Dance. It's hight energy and FUN with a capital F! It brings together a fusion of all the different dance and music styles from all the different regions and cultures within India. Additionally, Bollywood is very colourful, happy and joyful and the steps are connected to the meaning in the music. The dance form relates and acts out the stories told in the music. After we’re warm, each week we’ll learn a new combination to a pop or hip-hop song that new, fresh and current. You’ll soon learn that you are not joining just a dance class, but an EXPERIENCE. Open to all levels.


This class breaks the mould of traditional African Dance engaging students in dance movement through core strength training, body conditioning, and mind/spirit building exercises. The style is inspired by African diasporic dances and African rhythms and sounds. Allow your spirit to experience the fullness of space, and your range of movement through this unique dance class. A relatively new term and concept, Afro-fusion combines formal dance training and technique with the true African Spirit. Our classes are an addictive fusion of african dance moves from all over Africa. Your body will learn to move and express itself to the pulsating rhythms of African drum breaks, that you can take to the dancefloor. Classes are up-beat and begin with a warm-up, followed by choreography that is broken down section by section, focusing on technique, execution and comprehension of the African rhythms. Everyone welcome. Clothing: Choice of sweat pants, leggings, leotards, African wraps and/or sarongs, bare foot.

KIDS HIP HOP (6-12years)

The classes will be lead by choreographer and dance legend Darrio Phillips who is an absolute master at his craft and now is wanting to share it to all. In all of our Hip Hop Dance Classes our focus is on correct technique, body placement and choreography (small routines) and alignment but also on expression of individuality and personal style in the execution of the work. This class is fast moving touching on elements of Popping, locking, Breakdance and all the elements of street dance used in hip-hop video clips of today.


Learn how to move like your favourite female RnB chart topping artists. Weather it's the booty popping of Rihanna, the shaking of Beyonce or the sexy styles of the Pussy Cat Dolls this class will cover all that and more! A fun class for you to get down and release your inner diva whilst strengthening & toning your thighs, abs and glutes! A sizzling dance class featuring combinations from all the hottest videos. Ladies bring your heels!!!


Get down and Shake ya booty Beyonce style with hot Video vixen dance moves and music. Calling “All you single Ladies!” Heels optional.


Learn how to shake your hips to the addictive Brazilian batucada beats.....a fun-filled class guaranteed to make you sweat. This class will also incorporate other Latin rhythms such as Merengue, Salsa, Zouk and Reggaeton to make you a versatile mover and shaker! Learn the techniques and choreographies with the opportunity to regularly showcase at Studio 101's Latin nights.


Jamaican Dancehall moves are in music videos such as Rhianna, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Beanie Man and Akon. This class fuses Dancehall, Reggaeton and Bootylicious dance steps with an Afro funk vibe.


Iorana! Learn the sexy moves of Tahitian dance. In this class, you will learn how to shake your hips to the beat of the Toere, the hollowed out log that serves as the Tahitian drum. We will focus on the 'Ote'a, traditional dance, and learn how to ami (big circle), fa'arapu (small circle) and finally ueue (shake). You will also be taught how to tie a pareu, or sarong, the Tahitian way, so please bring one. See you soon, araua'e!


Get ready to move ya body like never before. As seen across the dance floors and video clips world-wide, it’s a highly expressive form of dance for men and women and relatively new to Australia. This class is not overly technical. It focuses on connecting your body to the music and is loaded with hip movements and alluring expressions. You'll tap into the heart and soul of the Caribbean islands and sweat to the sounds of Soca and Calypso from places like Trinidad and Tobago (home of the famous Carnival), Guyana, Barbados, St. Lucia, Martinique and more.


Immerse yourself in the culture of the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Every Hawaiian song has a story and you will learn to tell it through your hands and hips. In this class, you will be guided through the basic steps of hula, in which you will dance to "kahiko" the traditional style of hula, recognised by the sounds of the "ipu", or gourds. Then you will combine those basic steps to dance to "auana", or the modern style of hula, usually with the music of a ukulele or steel guitar. You will also learn famous Hawaiian songs, some by Keali'i Reichel, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and Hapa.


Samba Is the national dance craze of Brazil. It encompasses a range of styles, from the fast samba (batucada) played and danced in the Rio Carnival, to the funkier samba reggae in Salvador and North Eastern Brazil. At 101 we perfect the “samba no pe”, the practice of the samba step. We aim to build students from the ground up, creating a foundation for footwork combinations and intricate body movements all to the sounds of the BATUCADA. Suitable for beginners looking for fun and excitement right through to professionals wanting to define and perfect their technique.


Soul-locking is the party dance. It originated from the early Hip-hop house parties and discotheques from the late 70’s/80’s mixing Locking, Wacking, Punking and Disco moves. Together “The Soul funk rythmn is the basis of this dance.” Feeling the funk is crucial to this style characterised by stopping the powerful moves suddenly and adding feel and groove with comical moves and attitude.


This style includes dynamic, explosive steps with soft and lyrical moves in a technique based class focusing on developing individual style. Including centre exercises of kicks, jumps and turns followed by a routine combining the flavours of jazz, funk and hip hop.


Contemporary explores a fluid form of movement and expression with basic technique from classical foundations. It fuses together some of the key contemporary dance styles from Graham, Cunningham and release technique. The class involves travelling combinations and innovative dance sequences, concentrating on emphasis of movement, flow and energy. As seen by contemporary dance companies such as Bangarra, one extra company and The Bondi Ballet.


House dance is an energetic style of dance set to House music, incorporating footwork and upper body grooves called ‘jacking’. House dance arose out of the ashes of disco in the 70s Chicago and New York club scene and slowly evolved under the Hip Hop umbrella, incorporating funk styles and tricky footwork set to House music. House has taken its influences from disco, funk, tap, Soul, break, Latin and African dance styles. The beauty of House is its scope to incorporate many styles and ultimately personal expression through freestyle.


The Solid Gold class runs on a 4 week course system and pays homage to all the funny videoclips of the 80's taking u thru Thriller, Eye of the tiger, Maneater and many more. In this class we get to dress up in our best outfits and work towards choreographing a killer routine by the last week. Ladies bring your heels! Vogue vogue vogue!!!!!!


Get down and funky to the roots of Popular Brazilian Music Culture. As you learn basic formations and foundations steps, to get you on the right foot for a variety of Brazilian dance genres. This class will enable you to do Samba Afoxe, Samba de Roda, Dança Afro & Maracatu, with Perfection and Ease. Pure fun for the Mind, Body & Soul.


Release the pussycat doll within! This class is great for boosting self-confidence and will introduce you to the secrets of the burlesque world such as: posing, peeling, teasing, characterization and theatrics. Feel sexy and confident whilst gaining flexibility, strength and co-ordination. Transform your-self into the alter-ego you’ve always wanted to be!!!!!!


Reggaeton class blends Jamaican, Reggae and Dancehall music with those of Latin America, as well as infusing dance moves from Afro, Hip Hop and Krump. This dance style has no commitment to maintaining any formal steps or routines, the dance form is simply “Grinding” a mix of styles together to Reggaeton music. The result is a sassy style injected with sensual moves made for the nightclubs. It can be danced with or without a partner.


Kids Hip-Hop is a fun and energetic way to get fit and learn the latest moves from music videos like Usher, Ciara and Missy Elliott. Fantastic for co-ordination, confidence, flexibility, musicality and rhythm. A great way for kids to be introduced to dance!!!!!!!.


Dancehall moves are seen in HipHop music videos and hail from the streets of Jamaica. In this class you will learn both the traditional and latest steps such as "The Bogle", "Heel-Toe", "Blazay-Blazay", "Pon the River, Pon the Bank", "Scooby Doo", "Spongebob", "Signal the plane", "Tek Weh Yuhself "Boosie Bounce", "Drive By", "Shovel It", "To Di World", "Dutty Wine", "Nuh Linga", "Gully Creepa", Winter Bounce" "Summer Bounce" "Santa Bounce" and many more.


Soca/Calypso like Dancehall, Reggae and Reggaeton are all sensual dances, with an abundance of hip movements and alluring expressions. This class will guide you on the inner workings on how to gyrate your waist to the pumping beats and leave you with a toned physique. With a mixture of traditional African dance styles from Sunny Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago. This fabulous style is seen across the dance floors and video clips world-wide, it’s a highly expressive form of dance for men and women, all set to sweet calypso music. You will enjoy the friendly Caribbean carnival atmosphere.


Contemporary (afro Cuban) is a technique class blending Afro-caribbean dance with classical ballet to give you the Cuban blend of Modern American dance theatre as seen in the likes of the famed Alvin Ailey Dance Co. Mixing strong lines, suspensions jumps and rapid upper-body torso undulations with positions of balances and off-balances, to get you understanding the power and dynamics of the body.


Learn to dance like Chris Brown, Ciara, Usher and Missy Elliott. This class is full of the latest music video style choreographed dance moves to keep you looking FRESH on the dancefloor!!!!!


Cuban Salsa- a hot and spicy partner dance showing the interaction between man and women in the act of courtship. Contact between partners is maintained throughout most of the routine. Learn the technique and basic footwork in this most original form of salsa fusing informal dance styles with roots from the Caribbean. A very social class, great for meeting people and having fun.


Contemporary Jazz is dynamic, ranging from powerful and percussive movements with an expressive and lyrical feel. This class consists of a technical jazz-based warm-up, across the floor techniques and a routine. It encourages everyone to express and develop their own personal style and individuality.


Bellydance "A Middle Eastern dance characterised by controlled movement of the hips and other body isolations with strength and finesse! It includes a range of traditional rhythms and styles.”


African dance embodies graceful and hi-energetic moves flowing with rhythm and style. In this class you will be taught traditional West African dances, most often from the countries of Guinea, Ghana, and Senegal. Class is accompanied by intoxicating musical drumming beats in traditional rhythms and focuses on how the dance steps relate to this music. It is lively and fun. A great workout!


This class involves a mixture of choreography and freestyle movements borrowing from classical Bhangra (Indian) mixed with modern Hip-Hop moves. It is a high impact dance class, breaking down separate moves so you gain rhythm and co-ordination and also increase your health and fitness. Come and experience the exhilirating Bhangra beats with this unique new dance style.


Zouk, is a new sensual partner dance style and music originating from the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. You will be seduced by the rhythm, style heartbeat and smooth flair of this exciting dance and it’s music. With the tropical rhythms found in the French Caribbean, Cape Verde and Angola. Come and experience this dance evolution originating from Lambada.


Kizomba is a sexy partner dance originating from Angola. Having spread to Portugal, it is currently taking Europe by storm and is one of the hottest new dance styles to capture the hearts of Sydney-siders. It’s danced to zouk music, but can also be danced to rnb, hip hop, reggaeton and dancehall. Kizomba is an intoxicating mix of African based body movement and tango-esque partnering. It’s essence is 2 people moving as one with a welcoming loving energy, going on a beautiful dance journey as dictated by the music. Anyone who tries kizomba is intoxicated by it. It’s earthy and sexy feel, the classes are both technical and fun.


Indonesian uses intricate traditional elements of various Indonesian dances from a number of regions across the country to fun, traditional and fusion beats. Different to Western style dance, it focuses on delicacy, grace and detail of hand movements.